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"Computers are incredibly fast, accurate, and stupid.

Humans are incredibly slow, inaccurate, and brilliant.

Together they are powerful beyond imagination."

- Albert Einstein

About Bridegroom Technologies

Today's technological environment has placed many business in an odd "Catch-22" situation.  In many cases, smaller businesses either cannot or will not be able to compete in their respective businesses without adopting technology in some form into the way they do business.  Fortunately, the price of the equipment and software has dropped dramatically in the past few years, but that only provides the tools.  Where do you go from there?  How do you make the technology further your business objectives?

Recognizing the lack of support for many of these businesses, Bridegroom Technology Services was originally formed in 1997 to be an independent provider of business computing services.  Our primary focus was group computing solutions for small and medium sized businesses.  Since then, the company has evolved into Bridegroom Technologies, Inc., which now maintains a renewed focus on collaborative computing and information delivery solutions.  Our specialty is leveraging the tools and products of the Lotus Software brand of IBM.

Though small in size, alliances with other small business providers in the area (with varying areas of expertise) allow Bridegroom Technologies to assist current and potential customers with providing the right solutions for their business computing needs.  Here's a brief sampling of reasons why businesses have partnered with us, providing a wide range of services to help business owners fulfill their business objectives.

The Technical Reasons:
  • We have eight years experience with Lotus Notes, Domino and related products, with skills certified at the highest possible level - IBM Certified Advanced Instructor (see Staff Profile Document).
  • We have experience in both the Application Development and System Administration aspects of IBM Lotus Software products.
  • We regularly integrate conventional web development technologies (such HTML, JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets and XML) into our Domino applications.
  • We can provide "cradle-to-grave" services in the arena of collaborate computing solutions, from design to implementation to ongoing maintenance and support.
  • We are experienced in the integration of software applications (such as Microsoft® Office) and relational database tools, including DB2®, Microsoft® SQL Server, Oracle®, Microsoft® Access, DBase® and other desktop database systems.

The Business Reasons:
  • Operating as a closely-held business itself, Bridegroom Technologies is sensitive to the business owners' desire to "get the biggest bang" for the technology dollars spent.
  • Aside from the technology, we have twelve years of project and staff management experience, offering the business perspective to technical efforts that others may not be able to offer.
  • Six years of financial services operations management experience, including three years of sales & support for Cash Management and other commercial deposit products.

The Most Important Reason:
  • The highest commitment to client support and service.  Our mission is to become a partner in technology efforts to meet (and hopefully exceed) a company's business and profit plans.

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