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Humans are incredibly slow, inaccurate, and brilliant.

Together they are powerful beyond imagination."

- Albert Einstein

This Monday: Not Just Any Other Monday

Sam Bridegroom  |  Posted Friday, January 10th, 2014 at 03:30:33 PM

For most, Monday is the fresh start to a new week. For me, this Monday is the start of a new way of life.

Today is the last day that Bridegroom Technologies, Inc. will look like it has for the last 10+ years. While being an independent consultant/contractor/business owner has been a tremendous experience (along with allowing me to pay the bills along the way), the confluence of many other things in my life over the last several months has provided more than enough signals that perhaps some change was due.

On Monday, I will start my next adventure as a Portfolio Manager for Hendricks Regional Health. After many years of trying to hire me out of my independent gig, they've finally succeeded. I like to think that they're simply exercising their rent-to-own option on the contractor.

Yes, you read that right, I've got a real job. I know, stunning.

Being an independent contractor has been very good to me, both professionally and personally. It's allowed me to forge amazing partnerships with my customers, who in turn allowed me to help them make a difference in what they do. Together, we made good things happen, in some cases minor miracles. When things didn't go well (and it did happen a few times), we worked through the problems without wasting time pointing fingers at each other. It's always been about getting to the solution. That part of the work I will miss a great deal.

So why now? Those who have done or continue to do independent work will tell you that for all the great things about it, there are plenty of aspects that balance out the challenging part of the equation. Keeping business in the pipeline, staying current on new tech, the costs & challenges associated with trying to grow the business, business filings, taxes and all the stuff that goes with running a business (even if it's only just yourself) - that work still needs to be done. Usually at night or on a weekend.

In late 2012, I had an attention-getting health scare, the kind that makes you really step back and look at your life and place in the cosmos. That step back showed me I was too consumed in trying to keep all of the plates spinning, and neglecting myself. That's a problem not just for me, but also my family. Combined with all of the other things, it was pretty clear that it's time for a change.

This is a unique opportunity. I'm going to an organization who truly values people (I've seen it first hand for several years), who knows of both my work and personality, and I'll be working  with some really talented people. There's also a great commitment to IT innovation at HRH, much more so than in many other systems in Indiana. We all (for the most part) know what we're getting into with this arrangement, including the warts each of us have. I'll also have something I've not enjoyed over the many years of being their "contract slug" - a seat at the decision making table,  where I  have a vested interest in outcomes and can be more persistent in advocating my positions. I had some of that as a contractor, but the difference between being an associate (with Manager in the title) versus a contractor in that realm is considerable.

My role will be a little different than it has been in the past (less development work, in exchange for project management and system/software integration), and that's ok too. Being a manager also affords me an opportunity at some point in the future to manage people again, something else that I've missed. I like to think I've got things to bring to the table in all of these areas, and plan to use them to make a positive difference for the hospital.

Healthcare IT is an interesting place to be right now, as it's the one great equalizer to all of the "things" going on with regard to healthcare. A lot of the changes being mandated are changes to systems, information collection and management, providing better metrics, with a goal of making care better and more affordable. Those are all things where strong IT can make the difference between success and failure; the first organizations that figure it out and get it right will be the winners. I'm looking forward to the challenge.

Wish me luck.

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1Andy Donaldson  1/10/2014 3:49:05 PM  Congrats!

Best of luck to you, Sam!

2Mary  1/10/2014 4:01:06 PM  Congratulations!

Big changes! Very exciting!

3Devon  1/13/2014 8:26:59 AM  Good luck!

I know you will do great!!!

4Russ Maher  1/16/2014 6:29:18 PM  Congratulations!

Big congratulations! You're one of the wisest people I ever met so I'm sure this is the right decision for you and your family. They deserve "a lot of Sam" is my thinking.

HRH: Lucky you!

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