Movin’ On Up

Sam Bridegroom  |  Posted Tuesday, November 27th, 2007 at 12:25:54 AM

Well, it was finally time.  After weeks of performing the death-defying reach-and-pull from the crib to the cart, and then climbing down the cart to the floor, it was time to make like The Jeffersons and move on up.  Time to leave the crib and move to a bed.

Here's how it looked moments before the transformation:

Image:Movin’ On Up

And after hauling out our old antique bed (the 100+ year old model that's made it's way through Cathy's family), here's how Camp Nicholas looks today:

Image:Movin’ On Up

Looks like he's applauding - and below he's waving good-bye so he and mom can go to sleep (she quietly crawled out a little later).

Image:Movin’ On Up

The bad news is that there are no side rails on the bed; the good news is that it's a pretty short trip to the floor.  So far, no loud "thumps" in the night.

And believe it or not, no tears from mom.
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