Santa Sends E-Mail

Sam  |  Posted Saturday, December 24th, 2011 at 07:00:00 AM

A special item showed up in my e-mail Inbox:

Image:Santa Sends E-Mail

So I fetch the boy and tell him that I received something on my computer that's for him.

It was a video from Santa Claus. A very personal, got-all-the-facts-right kind of message. The kind that absolutely freezes him as he watches.

Image:Santa Sends E-Mail

Click on the image to watch it yourself.

As for the boy - I think he kind of freaked out when he saw his picture, and heard that Santa knew we'd been working hard at not interrupting people, and knew exactly what he wanted. In other words, it was hard for Dad and Mom to keep from laughing.

I'll bet there still time, moms and dads, to see if there's a message waiting for your own fleets of believers - visit to find out.

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